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So much to say about Danielle and her QT Fitness classes...what a fun, motivational and kick ass environment!  I honestly love my workouts! The harder the better!  I've always loved fitness, but the QT classes makes it easy to be consistent. They say good people attract good people and I have to say it is so true about QT Fitness. The ladies that workout here are the best!!! I'm so lucky to have made the friendships I have because of QT! Danielle really has made her classes the perfect place to get in shape, be a strong woman, build confidence from within, make friends, be a QT diva and realize your true potential from inside and out!  Can't say enough.... QT ROCKS!!!! I really could write so much more. I love what you have going on. Thanks for motivating me! - KrystalKrystal
Something hit me in the midst of barre today. For the first time in my life since pregnancy I think about me again. My body. I have to in QT classes.  When we’re in barre and yoga breathing through the poses all I can think about it what body part I need to adjust oh so slightly to correct or maintain the pose and do it right. There is no room for anything else in my mind, it can only be about me. And that is pretty awesome. Thank you! I had no idea when I signed up it would happen but it dawned on me it has. I always feel both stronger and more relaxed at the end of the classes. You can’t hold tension after an hour of movement like QT classes! Thank you Danielle for bringing me back to me!- Ona Ona
Love the energy in the classes!  Everyone is SUPER FRIENDLY and motivates you to get to where you  want to be!  You get the PERSONALIZED ATTENTION that seems to be lacking in the bigger fitness classes.  Danielle is GREAT and will work with your injuries to ensure you get a hard but safe workout!- NicoleNicole B
Nicole B