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Life is busy!  You may be single handedly juggling coffee, kids, soccer practice, school and work all at once. So when it comes to your meals, you feel like you don’t really have a lot of options. You need food to taste good, but be quick.  Good news is, healthy CAN be tasty AND quick.

Choose a day where you can allocate 1 hour to chopping and prepping for the week.  This really does work!  I have been prepping my meals for years and it has been the only way I am able to eat healthy on my busy days.  

Here are some tips for you to try at home:


Cut veggies ahead of time. I love vegetables, but I’m more likely to eat and cook them if they’re cut and ready to go.  Store each vegetable in an individual container so when it comes time to cook,  all you have to do it grab the ones you want and get to work. They’re also great to have on hand to snack on when you get hungry.  


If you only have time to cook once in a while, make healthy meals that freeze and reheat easily. Turkey meatballs, lentil soup, chilis and stews all fit the bill. This way you can reach for a homemade meal instead of calling for takeout on hectic evenings. While your food is heating up, throw together a quick side salad to add some additional fiber and vitamins to your meal.

Buy lean ground turkey, beef, or chicken cutlets and freeze into individual serving sizes of five or six ounces. Because of the small serving size, the meat will quickly defrost when you’re ready to cook. This strategy ensures you always have quality lean meats  on hand for healthy cooking.


Snacks help control hunger levels, decrease sugar cravings and make it easier to make healthy choices during main meals. On Sunday, spend 10 minutes prepping your snacks for the week ahead. To keep things simple, plan to eat the same thing daily (veggies, fruits, hard-boiled eggs and nuts are all easy and healthy) and put each in an individual bag. This way, you can just grab your snacks and go without having to give it much thought. The following week, try two new snacks so you don’t bore your taste buds


Despite what many people think, you don’t have to cook entire meals ahead of time—that can be overwhelming. Instead, think of what will save you the most time during the week and focus on just making those things. Boil eggs for a quick grab-and-go breakfast or snack. Sauté ground turkey and use it for tacos or stuffed bell peppers. You can also grill chicken and use it as a salad topper or main dish. 

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