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Sometime’s life and all the stress that comes with it can be a real pain in the neck!  Pun intended!  Here are some simple stretches you can do anywhere.  Do the muscle stretches SLOWLY, enjoy them, and feel a GENTLE sensation of tension in your muscles, but do NOT do them hard enough to cause you any pain at all. And remember to breathe, gently – breathing OUT deeply as you do each stretch.

1. Circling shoulders: First, circle your shoulders forwards 3 times – slowly. And then backwards 3 times – slowly. If you want, you can put your fingers on your shoulders while you do this.

2. Windmill arms: Keeping your arm as straight as possible, and as straight ahead as possible, do a slow windmill movement with your arm, forwards 3 times – and then backwards 3 times. And repeat with the other arm.
3. Push forward (stretch between shoulder blades): To stretch between your shoulder blades, link your hands with your arms out in front of you, and gently push forwards – remembering to breathe out. Three times.

4. Hand over shoulder (triceps): Put your right hand over your left shoulder, with your elbow level, and gently push across, stretching your triceps. While you’re doing that, you can also move your head to look to the right, while you gently turn your body and shoulders to the left. And the same the other way round.

5. Neck – ears to shoulders: Keeping looking straight ahead, gently bend your head over to the left, with your ear reaching down towards your shoulder. And then straight up. And then over to the right. Three times in each direction. Breathe out with each stretch. You can add doing this as a resistance exercise too if you are able to.

Remember that our bodies need to stretch and lengthen, especially as we mature 😉  Make sure you are incorporating slower movements into your fitness regime

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