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The Strength to Be Confident

Beauty is far beyond skin deep.  Being comfortable with who you are redefines sexy from appearance to inner strength. It’s no longer about what others think of you or trying to live up to a man’s or media images of beauty, it’s what you think of yourself that makes you sexy.  

No one knows this better then myself…I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years!  I am constantly being judged based on my appearance, but guess what…(pardon my French) I don’t give a F$ck!!!!  I believe I am fit and fabulous and that’s all that matters!  I eat and drink what I want to (without guilt) and I believe a women looks best with curves and some muscles…even though I live in LA!  

I also believe that in order to really be sexy, you have to genuinely feel it. Passion starts from the inside out, and passion is what makes sexy real.   But so many women don’t feel comfortable in their own skin. Whether it’s because you don’t see who you want to be in the mirror, or you’re stuck wanting a younger version of you, it’s time to accept your body! 

I not only work with my clients to change the way their bodies look and feel, but I work with them to change the way they think about themselves!  I truly believe every women deserves to feel confident, sexy, and strong!  I hope you join me in one of my classes or in a private session so we can work together to bring your sexy back!

Are you strong enough to be sexy?

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