We know fitness can be intimidating, but at QT Fitness we strive to make everyone feel comfortable so they can reach their fitness goals.  Here are some things you should know before signing up for your first class.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to call 310-454-2883 or

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EXPERIENCED, CERTIFIED, and FUN INSTRUCTORS:  All QT instructors have years of experience and education to provide you with fun, challenging, and always changing QT classes! 


EVERY CLASS IS DIFFERENT:  We keep things fresh by always mixing up our routines, playlists, and workouts....there are no "Fembots" here, just amazing instructors with lots of personality to help you reach your fitness goals! 


CONVIENCE: We offer spin, barre, and yoga under one roof!  All of our class packages are universal, so you can take all QT classes.  By combining these exercises you will notice an improvement in your strength, flexibility, and tone quicker then taking just one type of class.  We are your local studio, so your days of driving 20 minutes to workout are over!  We are conviently located near all the schools in the Palisades, so you can drop off your child, take a QT class, and grab a cup of Starbucks a few doors down!  


FREE PARKING:  Parking is easy and free, so you don't have to worry about paying meters, getting your parking ticket validated, or rushing to find a spot.  


SMALL CLASS SIZE: We keep our class sizes small (20 bikes in spin, 8 spots in barre, 8 spots in yoga, and 10 spots in children's yoga) so our trained and knowledgable instructors can give individualized instruction within a group setting. This allows both the novice and experienced clients to reach their fitness goals.  


CUSTOMER SERVICE:  We provide the towels, help with equipment set-up, and clean up after you.  We don't believe clients should clean after they sweat!  We will save your bike settings in our computer so we can assist you with your next set up.  We are your local studio, so we value your opinion....have something to say?  Let us know- we listen!


ADJUSTABLE BARRES: We also have adjustable barres for our barre classes so that everyone, regardless of your flexibility, can enjoy the benefits of our classes.  


WE CATER TO THE PALISADIAN FEMALE:  Workout with your peers, not college co-eds!  Enjoy the company of like minded and same aged females as you sweat, burn, and shake together towards your fitness goals!



Stop by our beautiful, state of the art boutique studio and see for yourself!



You must purchase a QT Fitness class or package BEFORE you can reserve a spot in class.


New Clients:



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Reservations need to be CANCELED 3 HOURS PRIOR to the start time of the class you signed up for.  Once your class is cancelled, the class will be returned to your series to be used at a future date; the class is not refunded.  If you haven't cancelled your reservation within the 3 hour time limit, your scheduled class will be charged according to your series.





You can cancel your reservation in the following ways: 
1) Log into your account and, next to the class you wish to cancel, press "unreserve."
2) Call the studio where you're booked to cancel the class for you.


LATE POLICY:  The front desk will hold a reservation for up to 5 minutes after class begins. Clients who are more than 5 minutes late will not be admitted into class as it is too disruptive.  Clients on the waitlist will be given the spot after 5 minutes from the start time of class.





We will automatically add you to the classes you are waitlisted for if it becomes available. In addition, you will receive an email confirmation stating you have received the reservation.  

If you don't receive a spot in the desired class, the series will be returned to your account to be used at a future date; the class is not refunded.  If you do not remove yourself from the waitlist (online or by calling the studios) before 3 hours of the start time of class, you may get added to the class after it is too late to cancel.




BARRE- To prevent injuries and help you get the most out of those precise, controlled movements, we recoomend grip socks or barefeet.   

We sell TOEZIE GRIP socks at the studio if you prefer to keep your feet warm and want a better grip during barre class. 

Yoga or dance wear is appropriate, tights, capris, and fitted pants allow the teacher to see your form and help with corrections. 


SPIN- Tight pants or capris so nothing gets stuck in the wheels.  Tennis shoes or SB/universal clips.


YOGA- You will be bending over, twisitng, and possibly have your feet up on the wall.  Form fitting, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely is appropiate.


Please keep in mind the length of your shorts and the cut of your tops........modesty is beautiful,  especially in a group exercise setting.


If you are new to cycling, tennis shoes are fine to use.  Once you get biten by the cycling bug, and we know you will, we recommend that you purchase and wear your own cycling shoes that clip into the bike. We find that clipping in provides a more stable, safer ride and also allows our riders to target the correct muscle groups.  


Although our bikes are compatible with Triangle/Lok clips, we prefer you purchase SPD clips for our studio if you are planning on getting your own shoes.


We have a limited amount of spin shoes you can borrow; the first time is on us, $3.oo fee each time after


SPD Clips are pictured above


No, we are always working to improve flexibility. We start each session warming up our bodies before working each muscle group and end each class with a final cool down.  Stretching those warm muscles helps increase your flexibility and  flexibility improves strength!

We also have adjustable wall mounted barres that can move according to our clients needsOur small class size allows instructors assist each client according to their fitness level.


We provide you with workout towels, inspiration, mats,  and a great workout.  You will need to bring water, a smile, and your QT self!  Make sure you arrive 10 minutes to the start of your first QT class so we can answer any questions you have and help you set up your bike properly.