Importance of Stretching the Glutes

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I always incorporate glute work to help lift, sculpt, and tone the backside! These activities can lead to tightness in the glutes that can cause pain in the knee, hip or back. Modified Pigeon Pose or Thread the Needle is a wonderful and safe pose that stretches out the hips and glutes.   This can help improve flexibility, relieve back, hip and knee pain and prevent injuries. I do the following stretch every morning before I start my day and at night to unwind. Try it and feel the difference! 

Starting Position: Lay flat on your back and bend both knees. Cross one leg over the other so your foot is on the opposite knee

Action: Bring both knees towards your chest and gently pull the uncrossed leg towards you until you feel a stretch in your buttock. Hold for 30 secs-90 secs

Repetition: Repeat 3 times, 2x daily, or before and after exercise

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